We are Adam & Taylor Youngpeter! We love being married, our son Brady, our two adopted rambunctious cats and being wedding photographers! Taylor was born and raised in Columbus and Adam moved to the city four years ago after being raised in Northwest Ohio. We met on Match.com, became inseparable almost instantly, and got married on the beach in the Outer Banks on the most beautiful night ever. We were blessed with our beautiful baby boy, Brady, in February of 2020 and we are obsessed.

We live our life side by side and do everything together. We have a passion for living to the fullest and experiencing all that we can while we are here. We love to travel and see new places (beaches and mountains please). Taylor is a coffee connoisseur and Adam enjoys the outdoors. We love going to the movies on a date night, a nice glass of wine, and enjoying new restaurants together.

We learned photography together as a way to express our creative side. We started this wedding photography business in 2018 because we love to connect with couples, create amazing experiences, and craft beautiful wedding art for you! We believe that we have the best job in the world and we can't believe we get to do it together!

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Can we be honest with you?

Your wedding is about so much more than the venue you choose, the decorations, your cake, and where you have everyone sitting.

The moment you see the love of your life at the front of the aisle. Hearing your maid of honor's speech as she tearfully tells stories of her best memories with you. The first dance with your father as he holds you close and tells you how proud he is of you. Dancing with all of your girls and loved ones on the dance floor in an all out celebration of the day!

These are the authentic, real, lasting moments of your wedding day that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. We've lived these moments; we treasure them, and we will tell those stories forever. We can't wait for you to experience them too!

We want you to savor every moment, cry all of the tears, feel the roller coaster of emotions and be free to slow down, experience your day, and take it all in. You make the memories and we promise to document it all in a way you can hold on to for a lifetime.

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Jenni & Greg

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"Honestly, Adam and Taylor feel like family! They make everyone feel comfortable and their photos truly capture the heart of each person. Not to mention how timely they are in editing photos and getting them back to me!

Looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future!"

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